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Craps Cheating

Where there is cash there is always going to be people trying to cheat, rob or defraud, and in a casino there is always a constant stream of people wanting to relieve the casino from their cash by using fair means or foul, and in this section of the website we shall take a look at how some people have been cheating at Craps.

It takes nerves of steel to try and cheat at Craps, not only are there several casino employees whose task it is to ensure that no one does indeed get away with any form of cheating but up in the ceiling of the casino are a great number of CCTV cameras which are manned by highly trained security staff who know what to look for.

You may have seen old films where a Craps cheat will use what are termed loaded dice, these are dice which have been altered to ensure that no matter how they are thrown certain numbers will be guaranteed to roll in, this is done by using tiny weights in the dice. However it should be pointed out that this scam is very old school and the casinos know exactly how it works and will always keep and eye on the dice in play, swapping them occasionally to ensure no shannegins!

Some people have been quite ingenuous when it comes to cheating at Craps and one way they have tried to defraud the casino is by using counterfeit chips, as a Craps table is one of the busiest places in a casino if you have a stash of forged chips by using them at the Craps table at these hectic times of the day you can often launder great numbers of them if the casino staff are not on the ball!

However in recent times casinos have taken to high tech ways to stop any form of counterfeit chips getting into their casinos, and it may amaze you to learn that several of them use tracking devices in their chips which they can track and keep tabs on, more so the very high value ones.

Cheating Players

More often than not you will not know personally any of the people around a Craps table, and this calls for you to be very careful with your chips as by leaving them unattended or simply not watching them at all times you may soon find they have been snatched by a dishonest player!

Over the years there have been stories of players placing bets onto the table after the shooter has rolled the dice, these cheaters act swiftly often using distraction methods to enable them to place their chips onto the winning betting positions once they know what the roll of the dice has revealed.

It really does take some nerve for this kind of Craps cheating to become reality but where ever there is a will there is a way, but at the end of the day the casinos are always trying to stay one step ahead of the Craps cheater, sometime they are but other times they are not.