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Craps Etiquette

Whilst on first appearance you may be forgiven for thinking that there is no real Craps etiquette in place around a Craps table, there is indeed several unwritten rules which you should follow to enable you and your fellow players have an enjoyable time when playing Craps in a land based casino, and in this part of the website we shall look at just that.

As Craps is a community game, each person will get a turn to roll the dice, this person is known as the Shooter, and whilst he or she may be rolling in either good or bad numbers you should still give them maximum respect and not heckle or abuse them if they roll in any set of numbers which makes your currently placed wagers lose!

You can either accept your role as the Shooter when it is your turn or should you prefer not to roll the dice then politely refuse the task and the next person in line will be given the roll, there is no shame in not wanting to roll the dice so do not be afraid to say no if you don't want to do this as making a swift decision allows the game to continue running smoothly.

Remember that you can only place certain bets onto the table when the game play structure permits it, so make sure you learn when you can place each wager as by doing so at the wrong time is bad Craps etiquette and you may run the risk of getting the wrath of the casino employees if you constantly place the wrong bets at the wrong time.

Congratulating the Shooter when he rolls in good numbers is also a good way to build up a rapour with him and your fellow players so don't be afraid to join in the camaraderie.

Below you start to play make sure that you have given your comp card to the casino staff, by ensuring you do this before you start to play they will have entered you into the comp system and therefore you will be amassing your loyalty points as you start to play.

If you have never played Craps before then it is also advisable for you to sign up to one of the free daily Craps schools that are held each day in many of the casinos across the land, the idea of these schools is that you will be shown how to play the game along with fellow novice players in a relaxed atmosphere, it costs nothing to learn how to play Craps and often you will be given a free bet or money match coupon simply for taking part.

One other important part of Craps etiquette we should inform you about is to ensure you do not get in the way of your fellow players, try and stick to your own territory as there is nothing worse than a player who barges past other players trying to get their bets placed, the casino staff will always help you place your wagers if you cannot reach that part of the table layout so simply ask them and they will be happy to help.