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There is more than one type of Craps game that you are going to come across when you play in either a land based casino or an online casino and whilst several of them are simply region variations there are some very major differences in how the game play structure plays and pans out, so in this section of our website we have compiled some of the more commonly known and some of the lesser well known Craps games.

Online Craps - There are many different online casino software companies offering you the chance to play Craps games directly from your computer, and this means that whilst the games may all look similar there are some major differences on each one.

The main difference however is that the Craps games table limits will differ from site to site, some have very low minimum wagers the most common being 1.00, and when it comes to the maximum permitted wager many of them prefer to stick to the 100.00 - 500.00 mark however you will find the occasional casino that offers maximum wagers of around the 1000.00 mark.

Crapless Craps - This variant of Craps may seem like a great game to play, however if you understand the maths of the game it is not as good a game as it first appears, so pay attention if you do not want to get a poor deal when you see this game advertised.

The idea behind Crapless Craps is that it is presented as a game of Craps where it is not possible for the player to lose should he have placed a Pass bet on the Come Out Roll part of the game.

Should any number be tossed in bar number 7 then that number becomes the Point, the downside of the type of Craps game is that when an eleven is rolled in unlike in the standard game of Craps this once guaranteed winner is no longer a guaranteed winner, so overall the game is not as good as first thought as you have to give up a guaranteed winning bet.

Die Rich Craps - Well whether you will die rich player Craps is always open to debate, however this particular variant of Craps is played on a much smaller table and instead of there being two dice in play there is just one single dice.

The idea of the game is that a land based casino offers Craps as a game but without the need to have it manned by so many staff and with a smaller table they can often place two or three different card or table games in the area once used by the standard Craps table.

Street Craps - This is simply a version of Craps that has its origins on the street! You are playing with fellow players but using the pavement as the table and using real money instead of casino chips.

This version of Craps however is often open to abuse and hustlers will often use all manner of cheating methods to ensure that they will win and you will lose, so give it a wide berth if you see if being played.

California Craps - This is a rather unusual version of Craps that not only uses a dice but also uses playing cards instead of one of the dice, the cards in play are the Aces to Sixes and when one if revealed this becomes the number used in the game.

Whilst this may seem like a strange way of playing Craps the odds are usually the same as using dice, but only if the deck is shuffled before a new card is dealt out.

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