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Craps Strategy

Looking at a Craps table when the players are in full flow you would be forgiven for thinking that none of them are using any form of Craps strategy, however it would amaze you just how many of these players are following a set strategy to ensure they get more than a sporting chance of having a winning session at that particular Craps Table.

Both experienced and novice players for that matter should fully understand the true odds on any particular number being rolled in and also find out what the odds paid out are for that number rolling in as each of them have a house edge attached to them and by placing your money onto a betting proposition that offers large odds should that number be rolled in is often a very bad bet to make.

You need to stick to placing wagers on the even money (or less) type bets as it is common sense that these numbers will appear much more often that the higher value wagers, and if you constantly place money on high paying events that have a large house edge you will soon find your bankroll depleted and that is never good for any gambler!

So when you are out and about and have a choice at which casino to play make sure you shop around making note of which casinos offer the best odds, and also look out for any special coupons given to players as these can add great value to your Craps playing experience.

Craps Tactics

Make sure you are a member of the casinos comp club before you buy in at the Craps table and giving the casino employees your card to validate before you start playing is one Craps tactic you should use as this ensures that you are going to be getting comp points on each and every wager you place during that session.

Knowing when to stop playing will make you into a better Craps player, let's face is sometimes no matter what bets you place at a Craps table, if Lady Luck isn't on your side during that session then you could be in for a losing session, so if the dice start to fall in such a way that you are not winning then never be afraid to call if a day when you have lost around half of your bankroll.

Conversely should you be able to do no wrong when playing Craps and the winnings keep on mounting up then make sure you put some chips on one side or in your pocket and keep them there until you decide to walk away, it is always better to walk away a winner than being a loser!

It can often pay dividends to play at a Craps table at the quieter times of day, if there are large crowds around the table then the game pace is going to be much slower as the casino staff will be wasting more time on each game removing losing wagers and paying out the winning ones, so if you want a quicker game play then head to the table when most people are asleep!

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