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Craps Table Layout

Below you will find two Craps tables from two of our approved online casinos, we will also show you what each part of the table is for and explain in simple terms how the player control and navigation buttons work and operate, this will show you just how easy it is to play Craps online.

Palace of Chance Craps Table Layout

Palace of Chance Casino is one of our US facing online casinos, so if you live or reside in the USA then you will have no problems being able to deposit, play and get paid. Below is the Craps table used at this Real Time Gaming powered site, and below it you will find a key to the different parts of this popular Craps game.

Palace of Chance  Craps Game

Key to Craps Table

1. This is the main table betting layout, you need to click to place your chips on the relevant betting sections.

2. Here you can set the value of your playing chips, you can increase there value or decrease them, remember the minimum wager is just 1.00 and the maximum permitted stake is 500.00.

3. The Clear button will remove all of the wagers you have just placed onto the Craps table.

4. If you click on the repeat button your previously placed wager will be automatically placed onto the Craps table for you.

5. By clicking the Roll button you will set the dice in motion and the dice will roll!

6. Once you have clicked the roll button this area is where the dice will roll and then finally come to a rest.

7. If you wish to return to the main menu, simply give this button a click, make sure you have finished the current Craps game you are playing.

8. The help button is where you will find a complete and definitive guide to this Real Time Gaming Craps game.

9. By clicking on the back button you will return to the casino main lobby and will be able to choose another casino game to play from those listed.

Gaming Club Craps Table Layout

Below you will see the Gaming Club Casino Craps Table, this is a Microgaming powered site and as such US players unfortunately cannot play here. The majority of other worldwide players are more than welcome and as it is a multi-currency casino you can deposit and play in your home currency.

Gaming Club Craps Game

Key to Craps Table

1. This is the main table betting layout, you need to click to place your chips on the relevant betting sections.

2. These are the dice in play in the Craps game, and this is where you will see the final result displayed after the dice have been rolled.

3. This is where the main casino software controls are, you can visit the cashier, close the game, select the auto play settings and also adjust the player adjustable game options.

4. This is where you will be able to alter and adjust the chip values simply click on the plus or minus figure to increase or decrease the chip values.

5. If you place a wager onto the table in error or simply wish to remove it then simply click the undo button and your last wager placed onto the table will be removed.

6. The redo button replaces any chips which you may have just removed from the table.

7. By clicking the clear button all of the chips which have been placed onto the Craps table are removed allowing you to start placing new wagers from scratch.

8. The repeat button lets you repeat the previous bet placed.

9. The roll button is to be pressed once you are ready for the dice to be tossed.