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Craps Tournaments

Both land based and online casinos are always looking at ways to get players through their doors, and there can be some excellent value to be gained if you are a savvy player prepared to do a little research and some shopping around when choosing a casino at which to play.

Craps and general casino game tournaments and this includes a huge number of slot tournaments are a fairly established way for any casino to drum up interest, and these can also be a good way for players to bag themselves plenty of free casino cash simply by taking part in these tournaments, so if you fancy giving them a try then allow us to explain how they work.

The idea behind any casino game tournament is that everyone who has entered them, either by paying a small entry fee (a proportion of the entry fee is often added to the prize pool) or by gaining a free entry, is for players to finish the tournament on one of the prize paying positions on the tournament leader board.

Once you have entered the tournament you are allocated a set number of tournament chips, you will then be given a set amount of time and the idea is for you to play as many games as you can using these tournament chips, any winnings won from these wagers are then added to your score.

The tournament chips can be placed on any wager but you have to act quickly as at all times the clock will be ticking and once the timer reaches zero or you have run out of chips your score will then be tallied up for that session and you will find your name and score added to a position on the leader board.

Craps Tournament Prizes

Every Craps Tournament will have several positions which will win a cash prize, simply check the tournament rules and prize structure to find out what you stand to win and which positions are prize paying ones.

Some tournaments also let you carry on playing when you have either exhausted all of your chips or when the timer reaches zero, you need to pay an additional fee and the timer is then reset and you are given additional chips to carry on play with the hope that you can work your way up the tournament leader board.

There is really no skill involved in any form of casino game tournament, the idea is simply to try and accumulate as much in winnings as quickly as you can, however by cleverly opting to carry on playing by using the continue playing options you can often buy your way to one of the prize paying positions and this is what the experienced, savvy tournament player will often do.

Have a look around our website as you will find several of our approved Online Casinos which offer several daily casino game tournaments which you can enter completely free of charge and they can offer some fairly decent prize pools, so you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain.