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Mobile Craps

Unfortunately our free craps game is made in flash, so it won't actually work on a mobile phone.

One of the benefits of upgrading you mobile phone to one of the next generation models is that thanks to the speed of the mobile devices coupled with the quality of graphics and ease of navigation it is now possible to play a range of mobile casino games directly on your cell phone.

Iphone Craps

Apple are famed for their range of iPhones and these state of the art smart phones come with plenty of applications already installed, but thanks to the many online casino software companies jumping on the bandwagon you can now play iPhone Craps and a range of other casino games in seconds by simply downloading the casino application to you handset.

You can play the casino games completely free of charge or by making a secure deposit you can now play for real money, and this is where the fun and games really start as this enables you to play your favourite casino game where ever you happen to be!

The latest iPhone 4s has the Siri Voice recognition feature, a taste of things to come, perhaps, and we wonder if it's only a matter of time before we are able to play casino games using our voice to issue commands instead of clicking the mouse to place bets a roll dice.

It doesn't matter which model of iPhone you have you will be able to play in no time at all. The older iPhones such as the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are perfectly capable devices for playing current generation mobile casino games however if you have one of the newer iPhone4 or iPhone4s handsets then you will get the ultimate playing pleasure.

Android Craps

With Google wanting to join in the mobile phone handset phenomenon they purchased the Android operating system and have released their own fully branded mobile phones using this technology as the engine that powers their phones.

Android phones are snapping at the heels of the iPhone in terms of market share, good looks and features so if you're the lucky owner of a smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy s2 or Samsung Galaxy s3 then you'll certainly be able to play craps and other casino games wherever you go. HTC phones have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years and the latest phones such as the HTC One and best selling HTC Wildfire are perfect phones for experiencing casino games on the go. Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, amongst others, also manufacture smartphones while Nokia, currently focused on Windows phones, are known be developing an Android phone.

The number of apps available on the Android system grows almost daily and playing Android Craps is now a simple procedure involving you visiting any App Store and then download the game, and with both free play and real money Craps Apps available you will get your Craps playing fix!

Blackberry Craps

Many people swear by their Blackberries, as one of the most reliable mobile communication devices people are often lost when they leave it at home! Blackberry Craps is just one of the many different casino games which can be played via this device and if you own one then you do not need us to tell you the quality of the graphics and ease of use of this popular and almost legendary handset.

Windows 7 Craps

Microsoft have also launched their own mobile phone operating system and this uses the Windows 7 system which enables customers to use a well known and readily available platform via their handset.

The latest generation of Windows phones such as the Nokia Lumia range and phones from manufactures such HTC and Samsung are ideal for mobile gaming.

As with all other mobile phone devices the Window 7 phones let you download all manner of different applications directly to your phone and if you are a Craps or in fact any form of regular casino game player then you have a wealth of different ones which you can play on any Windows 7 phone.

You can play Mobile Craps at several of the online casinos listed on our website simply visit their respect websites and follow the links for full and in-depth information on how to load the Craps App onto your device.