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Craps Tips

Craps is a game of chance and it's important to remember the House always has the edge over the player but with just a little useful knowledge you can ensure you don't make rookie mistakes, inrease your chances of winning and prolong your fun at the Craps table. We've created this list of simple tips to help you enjoy your time at a Craps table either virtual or real-world!

1. Avoid paying money for any winning systems. No matter what anyone may tell you there's no such thing as a fool proof or guaranteed way to win at a game like Craps so do not be tempted by any online promotions or adverts offering tips, videos, e-books, systems or magical mathematical formulas that promise to show you how to beat the casinos. There are plenty of useful hints and tips that you can access online for free (including this very page!) so there's no need to pay out money for the same kind of information.

2. Have at least a basic understanding of the rules before you start. This is especially true if you are playing online or in a real world casino for real money - casinos like to see rookie players approach a table, get caught up in quick moving, noisey and exciting games and quickly blow their cash on a few sucker bets. It's much better to approach the table with an understanding of the basic bets, keeping cool and calm and making sensible descisions. Use our Free Craps game as an excellent no-risk training aid to familiraise yourself with all aspects of the game and to try out different strategies.

3. Set limits and stick to them. Decide before you start playing exactly how much you can afford to lose and still consider your time at the table time well spent on an enjoyable past time and once you've reached that limit walk away fom the table.

4. Be aware of the Gambler's fallacy and also be aware of just how many Gamblers think this fallacy needn't apply to their games! It's important to remember that the dice have no memory - just because a number has or hasn't come up a certain amount of times in previous rolls doesn't mean it is any more or less likely to appear on the next roll.

5. One of the best bets you can have on the Craps table is to Place a 6 or 8 - betting that either a 6 or 8 will appear before a 7 is rolled. This bet has one of the lowest house advantages on the table.

7. Conversly, avoid the "Big 6" and "Big 8" bets - typically the house edge on those bets is 9.1%

8. Other bets to avoid include the "Hard 4" and "Hard 10" bets which typically offer a house edge of a massive 11%+.

9. We recommend that you also avoid proposition bets. Proposition bets are settled with one roll of the dice and they are usually located in the center of the Crap's table - Dealers are trained to tempt players into placing these bets because the house has such a high edge on these bets. Only place money on these bets if you're feeling really lucky or if you have some spare cash you're prepared to lose quickly on a high risk gamble.

10. Beginners and Pros alike can both benefit from keeping calm and sticking to the simple Pass line bet which offers one of the lowest house advantages on the table - stay disciplined so that you don't fall into the rookie's trap of quickly and sometimes randomly picking various "exotic" sounding bets which might make you feel like a high rolling big player for the few seconds it takes for the dice to roll but can quickly leave you feeling like a prize chump once the casino has gobbled up your entire stack of chips in the space of a few minutes.