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Vegas Craps

If you are thinking of visiting Las Vegas to play Craps then we suggest you first spend some time reading our article about How To Play Craps, as these land based casinos are often very busy and you need to know the game inside out before you play at a craps table as other players may get a little annoyed if you keep making betting or wagering mistakes!

That said, many Craps players like the fun and community spirit that is found at a Craps table and once you know the general craps etiquette, you will be made very welcome and should have plenty of fun and games.

A quick word of caution though, it always pays to keep your eyes on your casino chips when playing in a land based casino as there is all manner of craps cheating going on in these places and it is not always the casino these cheaters are looking to rip off.

If you are indeed planning a visit to a Vegas Casino then make sure you spend some time checking out what each venue has to offer new customers as there are some really good offers currently going round and these can often help you get the maximum value out of your gambling budget.

By signing up to the casinos comp clubs you will often find yourself showered with all manner of casino coupons some of which can be used on the Craps tables, these include such things as a match bet where the casino will match your first bet when you use this coupon as a way of welcoming you to their venue, and should your bet win then you get to keep the winnings from their free match bet.

The comp club will also be a good way for you to avail yourself of the little extras that all Vegas casinos like to offer their customers, before you start to play Craps always hand your comp card to the casino staff so they can enter you onto their comp system and award you points based on your levels of play.

If you have never played Craps before in a land based casino then don't forget that most Las Vegas casinos, both those on the Strip and those Downtown will offer what are known as Craps Schools, they run for half an hour os so and it is your chance to be taught, completely free of charge, how the game of Craps works.

So if you have always wanted to play but have never had the time to learn the rules of how to play then these free Craps schools are the answer, and they allow you to have a few free games to put your new found skills to the test, remember playing Craps can be a great way to pass some time so go on, give the game a try. Enjoy playing Vegas Craps and let's hope if you give it a try that those dice start to roll your way!